Bookworm Update 2017

An Abby Wright illustration of a women reading a book outside in the snow

Hello there!

I notice that, in recent times, I have gained quite a number of new followers, and currently have 33 people following this blog! Wow! Thing is, I also noticed that I’d not really introduced myself since 2011!

Most of the interests and stuff from Meet The Bookworm is still true, however, there are a few bits and bobs…

I’m currently 43 going on 44.

Looking for admin work at present. Back of house, computery stuff, that kind of thing.

I play tenor horn in the Flixton Community Brass Band, and have been doing so since November 2014.

When I last did an introductory page, my niece was only little. Charlotte, the Junior Bookworm, is six and a half now, and has a baby brother, Reuben, who’s four months old. You’ll be delighted to learn that my niece reads to my nephew!

Obviously, I’ve read a lot of books since 2011. However, there are still so many more I’ve yet to read. My notorious TBR pile will never be reduced, lol!

I don’t think anything else needs to be added. Most of this you may already know, particularly if you’ve had a good read through the archives!

Thanks for following my blog, and for the likes! Much appreciated!

Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x