Meet the Bookworm…

Natural Born Bookworm!

I Read Therefore I Am!

Hello, fellow Bookworms!

It’s about time I gave you a proper introduction, isn’t it?! After all, I have been blogging about books for over a year now and while you have got to know me through my entries thus far, it’s only right and fair that I give a proper intro now I have found out about this “about” page! Sorry it has taken me so bloody long to notice it, but I’m here now…

I’m Joanne Dixon-Jackson, currently 38, a civil servant for a living and live in Eccles, Greater Manchester. I have been a bookworm pretty much all my life, certainly since I started to read and that was a fairly early age, so a huge percentage of my life, probably around 98-99% of it! I love a good balance of fiction and non-fiction. I don’t really go for any specific genres, I’ll read most stuff, really, even a little bit of “chick-lit” on rare occasions, although that’s very rare as I’m not really into that sort of stuff! Can’t really relate to most characters in those kind of books as I’m not that kind of woman myself – I have never been into shoes! I shop for books, music, chocolate, stationery items, craft stuff, etc… so I don’t have anything in common with chick-lit characters at all. I tend to just like anything that takes my fancy. I quite like a bit of historical fiction and books about books!

As well as being a bookworm, I am a Manchester United season-ticket holder. I sit on the 3rd row from the front, near the goal in the Stretford End. I am also a chocoholic, I’m into cardmaking and papercrafts, I like foreign languages and am a music nut. I have very broad tastes in music, anything from classical to rock depending on my mood, although I’m not much into jazz – maybe when I get a bit older I might appreciate it a bit more, but it’s not really my cup of tea.

Actually, talking of tea, I also love a good brew! Not done it for ages, but I really should get my snowman teapot out and my loose-leaf teas and have a proper brew sometime soon! A nice strong malty Assam would be very good..

Back to music for a moment, and I should also point out that I don’t just listen to the stuff, I can also play a few instruments, mostly woodwind ones. I learned the recorder at primary school, then graduated to clarinet while I was at high school, plus, while I was in the City of Salford Youth Concert Band in my late teens and early twenties I had spells of helping them out by playing other instruments for them, namely baritone sax and later bass clarinet! I loved playing bass clarinet, actually! If pigs fly and I ever win the lottery, I might get myself one! I can also play the flute. Then again, music is a language and therefore it ties in nicely with my love of books and of learning foreign languages!

Well, I think that’s about all for now but if I think of anything else, I’ll add it later. Mind you, reading some of my blog entries will tell you more about me anyway! Start from the beginning, August 2010, and work your way through the archives and you should get a good idea of who I am, what I read and what I like and dislike! Don’t get me started on politicians as I utterly hate those bastards!

Take care and Happy Reading!



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