Pet Shop Boys, Unfinished.

Hello again, fellow Bookworms!

You know I regularly waffle on about music, when I’m not waffling on about football, lol, and obviously it’s fresh in my mind as I went to see them in concert on Sunday, so we start this blog with another look at my long-standing appreciation of the music of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe! I already mentioned, in my last blog, that I’d been a Pethead for 30 years – this year is my pearl PSB anniversary, and look what I have found… my copy of Pet Shop Boys, Literally, by Chris Heath! And… what a surprise… it’s a partially-read book! Yes, another for the list of half-read books!

Although the book says first published in 1990, which would have made me 17, Goodreads claims this hardback Viking edition was published on 1st June 1991, making me 18 and in the middle of sitting my bastard A-Levels just before leaving Eccles College! Don’t get me started on those hellish exams – just let’s not go there, eh?!

A rather tatty Waterstone’s bookmark lies between pages 172 and 173, so I was on for chapter 10, which starts on page 171, and this edition has 340 pages, so I’m pretty much halfway through it, but when the hell did I start? I need to put a start date on Goodreads, really, and backdate it. Perhaps I should backdate it to the day it came out. I obviously bought it at the time, die-hard Pethead that I am, and read half of it as the 18 year old I was back then in my first throes of adult life, lol! One thing’s for certain… it’s only fitting that, for my 30th Pethead Anniversary, I should get it finished as a celebration!

Seems I can’t backdate my start date on Goodreads. Bugger! However, I am 51% of the way through it, so just over halfway. If I am going to get some half-read books finished off this year, I might as well make that one of them!

Chris Heath is a music journalist, and he travelled with the Pet Shop Boys on their first tour, back in 1989, and this book is an account of that first-ever PSB tour. I didn’t get to see them on that one, but I did get to see them on the Performance Tour in May 1991, at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, Chris Lowe’s home town. Funnily enough, I will be seeing them again in Blackpool this June, as I mentioned in my previous blog – my friend has treated me to my ticket as my birthday pressie. Sarah’s from Preston, so Blackpool is pretty near for both of us, even nearer for her. Most of the rock or pop concerts I’ve ever been to have either been in Manchester or Preston, apart from that first Pet Shop Boys gig in 1991, in Blackpool, and the first time I saw Sir Elton John in concert, which was at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton.

I think, somewhere in either my wardrobe unit or a cupboard, I have another PSB-related book, Pet Shop Boys Versus America, also by Chris Heath, and covering the Performance tour of 1991, which, as documented above, was the first time I saw Neil and Chris when I went to Blackpool that bank holiday Monday at the end of May that year… I think that one’s unread, so if it is where I think it is, and I can get my hands on it, I shall read that one this year as well for my Pethead Anniversary!

This is actually only a mini-blog, really, a short one just about my Pet Shop Books, lol, so I will probably be back to the usual long waffly blogs soon enough, and the PSB books will simply be mentioned alongside other reading matter, as per usual! I’m off to see if I can find that second PSB book I’ve just mentioned, so until I return with another blog, take care and Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry…

  • Pet Shop Boys, Literally – Chris Heath
  • Pet Shop Boys Versus America – Chris Heath

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