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Good afternoon, fellow Bookworms!

I found the above photo on Bored Panda and messaged it to my friend Liz. The picture is actually the word for coffee in Arabic and this guy takes Arabic words and turns them into images of their meanings. As my friend is very much a coffee-drinker, I knew she’d like that one! I was also telling her about a book I read some years ago now, The Devil’s Cup, by Stewart Lee Allen, which is about the discovery and history of coffee. I was still working at Manchester DBC when I read that book, so it’s a long time ago now – that office closed in 2009, so it’s 8 years ago at the very least!


Sadly, we have to say goodbye, and Rest in Peace, to Dick Bruna. The author and illustrator of the Miffy books passed away on Thursday in Utrecht, aged 89. In the Netherlands, she’s known at Nijntje, a contraction of konijntje, meaning “little rabbit” in Dutch. My sister and I read a lot of Miffy books when we were little, probably including Miffy The Artist, as shown above, often borrowing them from the children’s section at Eccles Library. Miffy is hugely popular worldwide, I remember seeing a lot of Miffy books and other items when I went to Tokyo in 2005 and they have plenty of cartoon characters of their own, such as Hello Kitty, but they do tend to like anything “kawai” (cute), so it figures that they’d take to Miffy in Japan!

Hendrik Magdalenus (Dick) Bruna – 23rd August 1927 – 16th February 2017.

Before we get back to books, mention of cups, as in the title, brings me on to matters of a footballing nature, and there has been quite a result this afternoon in the 5th round of the FA Cup, as non-league Lincoln City scored a late winner to beat Premier League Burnley at Turf Moor and become the first non-league team in 103 years to reach the 6th round of the FA Cup – quarter final stage! Burnley are a decent side, especially at home. They’re 12th in the Premier League at the moment, so mid-table security and not in danger of relegation, and, as I said, are pretty decent at home, so it makes Lincoln’s achievement this lunchtime all the more impressive! Congratulations to the Imps! My lads play tomorrow, we’re away to Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park.

I am over half-way now, into the second half, as it were, with I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic, having read a bit more last night to celebrate the fact that he scored a hat-trick for us on Thursday night when we beat Saint Etienne 3-0 at Old Trafford in our Europa League tie. It’s the first knock-out round, and that was the first leg, so we have a very nice lead to take to the 2nd leg in France next week, with no away goals conceded. If we can get a goal over there, we can really put the tie to bed. St Etienne must be sick to death of Zlatan, lol! He’s now scored 17 goals against them – he was at Paris St-Germain, of course, before he joined United in the summer, and already had a pretty good record against St Etienne. I imagine there was a collective groan in their part of France when the draw was made and they were drawn against us – they thought they’d escaped Zlatan when he left the French league to come to England, but they were wrong, lol!

This season’s Europa League final will be held in Sweden, so it’s hardly surprising that Zlatan is on a mission to help us win this trophy! Also, it’s the one piece of European silverware United have not won yet. We’ve won the European Cup three times, and we won the old European Cup-Winners’ Cup back in 1991, but if we were to win the Europa League, the UEFA Cup as it used to be known for years, we would complete the set!

The two books I am returning to Sarah tomorrow are on the coffee table downstairs. As previously documented in several of my blogs, she lent me Faster Than Lightning, by Usain Bolt, and I Know This Much, by Gary Kemp. She has said she will lend me Not Dead Yet, by Phil Collins, so I am looking forward to that one!

Zlatan is very likely to be in the Handbag for the trip down to Wembley next Sunday, and at the moment, it is possible Tony Hawks might still be in the Handbag, as I approach the halfway point in Round Ireland With a Fridge, which is VERY funny! If I haven’t finished it off before 26th February, it’ll join Mr Ibrahimovic in the purple Kipling bag and will be read on the way to Manchester United v Southampton in the League Cup Final.

I shall also try to ensure that my Kindle is fully-charged ready for the journey down, and that my phone booster is also charged. I have loads of ebooks on the Kindle, including Premier League Years 1992/93, by Andrew Hyslop, about the inaugural season, but there’s plenty of non-football stuff on there. Got one on there called Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige, which I got for free some time ago now! Apparently, it’s a twist on the whole Wizard of Oz thing, where the Wicked Witch is actually the good one, or something like that!

Some books on my Kindle are only samples, but others are the full books, including The Tea Planter’s Wife, by Dinah Jefferies. I do actually own a paperback copy of that, as well, but if it is on my e-reader, it is convenient for travel! I’ve got a right load of mad stuff on my Kindle! Yeah, I know, I have had it since the end of 2011 – if you want to read about that particular saga, check out my blog archives! I won my Kindle, so it was free, but it was a while before I actually received it and a lot of chasing up needed doing.

I have 297 items on my Kindle! There’s all sorts of mad crap on there! Mad crap in the literary sense, anyway, lol! As I said before, there’s samples of stuff, but there’s also plenty of entire books. Some of which are electronic versions of books I also own in paperback or hardback, but some are purely on my Kindle. There’s a right load of Dickens on there, probably because you can get a load of classics for free for e-reading devices! Also because of that anniversary five years ago, when I planned to read another of Dickens’ novels, but didn’t get around to it! Should I wish to, I’ve got a fair few to choose from if I want to read any electronically!

Blimey! I’ve got Finn Family Moomintroll on here! I have had that in paperback, along with a few other Moomin books, since I was a kid! There was an animated series on Children’s ITV back in the 80s, which I loved, so that’s what got me into the Moomins!

(When I say Children’s ITV, I don’t mean a separate channel like they have these days – I mean programmes broadcast during that time between coming home from school in the afternoon up until the early evening news at 5:45, so for around 2 hours or so, when there were kids’ programmes on telly, on both BBC1 and ITV, providing us with after-school entertainment!)

Well, I really need to stop waffling on and get this published, so that’s about all for now! Until the next time I decide to inflict my waffle upon the internet, take care and Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry…

  • The Devil’s Cup – Stewart Lee Allen
  • Miffy The Artist – Dick Bruna
  • I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Faster Than Lightning – Usain Bolt
  • I Know This Much: From Soho to Spandau – Gary Kemp
  • Not Dead Yet – Phil Collins
  • Round Ireland With a Fridge – Tony Hawks
  • Premier League Years 1992/93 – Andrew Hyslop
  • Dorothy Must Die – Danielle Paige
  • The Tea Planter’s Wife – Dinah Jefferies
  • Finn Family Moomintroll – Tove Jansson

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