Getting Wembley Booked…


Good evening, fellow Bookworms!

Wem-ber-lee! Wem-ber-lee! I’m the “famous” Jo the Bookworm, and I’m goin’ to Wem-ber-lee! Yep, you guessed it – had the official confirmation today that my mum and I have got tickets for the EFL Cup Final on 26th February at Wembley Stadium between Manchester United and Southampton. Red Devils vs the Saints. That’s the cup we’re playing for later this month – the three-handled piece of silverware in the above photo.

We’d been at Old Trafford this afternoon, as today is the 59th anniversary of the Munich air crash, so Mum and I went to the service outside the stadium. It was after that when I received a text from United confirming success in the ballot for the cup final. So, with the knowledge that I will be going to Wembley, now comes the job of deciding what I’m taking with me by way of reading matter! That’s matter, not Mata, although if there was a good book about the Special Juan, I’d happily read that! Anyway, never mind our Spanish midfielder, let’s have a look on the book front…

Well, Chronicle of a Death Foretold will NOT be coming to Wembley, as I finished that one last night! On the grounds that I am still reading this one, and he’s a current player, I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic stands a very good chance of coming with me on the coach. I am likely to take my Kindle, so there’s all manner of books on there in electronic form. However, even with Ibra and my Kindle, there’s still going to be room in the purple Kipling bag for another book or two depending on chunkiness of said book(s).

Hoping to make further progress with Gary Kemp‘s autobiography, I Know This Much, but that will NOT be coming to Wembley, as I’m aiming to have that finished for the previous weekend, 19th February, so I can give it back to Sarah, along with Faster Than Lightning, by Usain Bolt. Those two books will be out of my keeping before I head down to the cup final. My book club book, If I Could Tell You Just One Thing, will also miss out on a trip to Wembley as it’s a bit too bulky and heavy. These ones are not even making the subs’ bench, as it were! The autobiographies were on loan, if you look at it in a footballing way, so they’re going back to their owner, and thus heading back to Preston.

An Equal Music, by Vikram Seth, and The Saffron Trail, by Rosanna Ley, are both in with a shout, although they are a bit chunky, especially the Rosanna Ley book.

Perhaps we could take a look at some fresh books, or at least fresh in the sense of unread, therefore “rested” and fully-fit for the trip down to Wembley? Skintown, by Ciaran McMenamin would have the distinction of not being published yet – it has another couple of months to go, as it’s due to be published on 6th April! I have found a way to get around the fact that I can’t find a book cover photo online yet – I have found a photo of the author, so I am using that for the time being and it has gone on the list on List Challenges, after The Chimes, by Anna Smaill.

There’s always The Lady and the Unicorn, by Tracy Chevalier. It was March last year, after events in Brussels, that I went looking up books about Belgium, and books set in Belgium, and Goodreads came up with the Chevalier novel on its list. I have already read and enjoyed Girl With a Pearl Earring, so I’m sure The Lady and the Unicorn should be good whenever I do get around to reading it. It could come to Wembley. Not too long, not too chunky, and some beautiful illustrations in the edition I own.

And from Belgium on to Germany, well at least German authors, as I have two books with me here which have been translated from German to English, and both of  which are a decent size and could end up as Handbag Books and even Wembley Books… A Very Special Year, by Thomas Montasser, and Fishbowl, by Bradley Somer, the former being a book about books, and the latter being narrated by the goldfish!

We could go for a translation from French – I have Soft In The Head, by Marie-Sabine Roger, lying here in a pile of books near Computer Corner, and you may remember that I read The Reader On The 6.27, by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent, in May last year, finishing it off on my way to Wembley for the FA Cup Final. However, we could go for a book by a Dutch author, but set in Italy, with The Ice-Cream Makers, by Ernest van der Kwast. Again, more reasonably-sized books which would be fine in my handbag…


I actually have absolutely shedloads of books, of course, as you no doubt know, some of which toppled over yesterday in celebration of Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s goal against Leicester City, lol, so perhaps one of those could come with me? After all, those books clearly got rather excited at United taking the lead! On the other hand, can they be trusted to behave?! Anyway, I do have just under 3 weeks to decide on the reading matter, so nothing will be finalised until closer to the time. Probably the night before the match, and it will depend on what I’m reading anyway and which of those books fit in my bag and suit my reading needs on the way to the cup final!

The photo is of me at Old Trafford earlier, and you can see the purple bag – that’s what the books would be travelling in. It’s quite a sizeable thing, so my Kindle and a few books will fit in there and thus come to Wembley with me. The main thing, today, is that we know we’re going, thus I’ve got a trip to look forward to, and for which I can start planning my reading choices, lol!

Until my next blog, take care and Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry…

  • Chronicle of a Death Foretold – Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • I Know This Much – From Soho To Spandau – Gary Kemp
  • Faster Than Lightning – Usain Bolt
  • If I Could Tell You Just One Thing – Richard Reed
  • An Equal Music – Vikram Seth
  • The Saffron Trail – Rosanna Ley
  • Skintown – Ciaran McMenamin
  • The Chimes – Anna Smaill
  • The Lady and the Unicorn – Tracy Chevalier
  • Girl With a Pearl Earring – Tracy Chevalier
  • A Very Special Year – Thomas Montasser
  • Fishbowl – Bradley Somer
  • Soft In The Head – Marie-Sabine Roger
  • The Reader On The 6.27 – Jean-Paul Didierlaurent
  • The Ice-Cream Makers – Ernest van der Kwast

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