Let There Be Light!


(Please note that I started this on Monday 30th January, but didn’t finish it until the early hours of 31st…)

Good evening, fellow Bookworms, and for the first time this year, I can shed some light on the subject, lol! Not sure if I did mention it in previous blogs, but I’d been having a spot of bother with my bedroom lights at various points last year, which about sums up how f***ed up 2016 was, doesn’t it?!

Anyway, they buggered up again between Christmas and New Year, as per sod’s law, and we tried to contact the electrician we know. Unfortunately, the poor bloke has been quite badly ill since before Christmas, and has only recently been well enough to resume work. I was on the way home from my weekly volunteering stint in Salford when I received the good news from Mum, that he had been and I now have working lights again. Yippee! 🙂

My lads are back to winning ways, too, I’m pleased to report! Yes, we booked our place in the League Cup Final on Thursday, but that had been despite losing away to Hull City on the night – we went through 3-2 on aggregate. Not what you call convincing, but my lads are going to Wembley. The first half yesterday, in the other domestic cup tournament, wasn’t too convincing, either, as Wigan Athletic came to Old Trafford for the 4th round of the FA Cup. Yes, we do have decent strength in depth, but I do wish that pillock of a manager would not make so many changes – I’m pretty sure that’s why it took almost the entire first half for the players to get to know each other! Why can’t we have a more settled side, Jose? A settled back four would be good! Perhaps there’d be less fannying around at the back if we stuck with mostly the same personnel on the pitch from match to match? Just a thought…

Anyway, a brilliant header from Marouane Fellaini gave us the lead just before half time, and then Chris Smalling, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Bastian Schweinsteiger got in on the act in the second half, helping us to a 4-0 win against Wigan, a familiar scoreline against them – we gave them some right thrashings at times when they were in the Premier League for 8 seasons! And we wallopped them 4-0 in the 2006 League Cup Final, too!

Before we get on to books, just a little more footy… my lads are away to Blackburn Rovers in the 5th round of the FA Cup. Ties to be played over the period of 17th to 20th February.

Right then, time I got my bookwormy arse in gear and started discussing reading matter! The Ashes of London, is, as you know, priority reading matter right now, my book club meeting is on Thursday. I am enjoying the book, and although it’s a chunky one, I’m getting through it, not much more to read until it’s finished. Also getting to the end of Why We Love Music. The thing is, with non-fiction, once you’ve got to the end of the main bit, you can say you’ve read it. There might be some index or glossary at the back of the book, perhaps some footnotes, references, discography if the book is about a singer or a band, like the George Michael biography I recently finished…. So, I shall soon finish the John Powell book.

The books in the photo were charity shop acquisitions from earlier today. We have The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, by Claire North, The Sunrise, by Victoria Hislop, now that I’m reasonably satisfied that I don’t already own a copy of this book, lol! The other book is The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, by Natasha Pulley.

Now watch a previously-acquired copy of The Sunrise surface somewhere near here, lol! If it doesn’t turn up somewhere in a pile of books in this room, I’ll find it in the Book Chest in the garage… it’ll be sod’s law that I will find that I DID buy a copy of it prior to today, and that it will have to be added to the notorious Duplicate Books List! I’ve got enough books on that already, although I don’t think I’ve got one by Victoria Hislop on that list.

I WILL go through that list again at some point. Not now, however! I don’t really want to be typing out a load of titles at the end on top of any that I mention during the course of my usual waffle, so it needs a blog entry of its own.

Right, time for an update in the early hours of Tuesday 31st January… I am now 82% of the way through The Ashes of London, with fewer than 100 pages left to read, so I hope to have it read for Thursday evening when it’s my book club meeting. And then I realise I had a mug of tea… thankfully, still just about warm enough to be drinkable! Can’t be doing with a cold cuppa! Urgh!

Bookworm Problem – being so engrossed in a book that you forget about your brew!

Anyway, that chunky novel should soon be read, thus not only will I be able to go to book club on Thursday and say that I read it and I enjoyed it, but it would get another book onto my Goodreads Challenge, and my longest so far this year. 482 pages, so quite sizeable. The Saffron Trail is longer, though. That has 521 pages. What is it with historical fiction? I’ve said this before in my blog, I know, but such novels tend to be chunky doorstoppers! The Ashes of London is, rather obviously, set in 1666, during and just after the Great Fire of London, and The Saffron Trail jumps around in time, between recent times and back to both the Second World War and the 1970s, just after the Vietnam War, or at least as it was coming to an end. Some time around 1973 or 1974, back when I was a baby, anyway…

I am not quite as far into The Saffron Trail, as the other book has had to have priority, but as the two main female characters meet up in Morocco for food and photography purposes respectively, one of them is trying to trace her past, which includes a family member from the US who had sent a postcard from Morocco to his mother some time around 1974 with a fancy door on it. I can confirm that there are a lot of fancy doors in Morocco, lol! Indeed, the artwork and decor over there is well worth a visit so that you, too, can admire it!

Having got a significant chunk of my book club reading matter read, I think I shall get this finished and published, so that brings us to the end of tonight’s blog. Join us next time for more utter waffle with occasional mentions of books, lol, and don’t forget to switch off your sets! Er, sorry, that’s what they used to say in the old days when television channels used to close down for the night! Anyway, take care and, until I blog again, Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry…

  • The Ashes of London – Andrew Taylor
  • Why We Love Music – John Powell
  • George Michael: The Biography – Rob Jovanovic
  • The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August – Claire North
  • The Sunrise – Victoria Hislop
  • The Watchmaker of Filigree Street – Natasha Pulley
  • The Saffron Trail – Rosanna Ley

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