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Row of Penguin BooksGood afternoon, fellow Bookworms!

This blog entry has been prompted by one of my best friends on Facebook, Liz Craig, in Bashaw, Alberta, Canada. Her local library is having a Family Literacy Day, and people are being encouraged to read for 15 minutes and report on it. So, my friend is possibly having a read as well as something to eat right now, thus I might as well blog!

Looks like George Michael: The Biography, by Rob Jovanovic, might be the next book to be finished and listed on my Goodreads Challenge for 2017. I am also over halfway with The Ashes of London, by Andrew Taylor, although I could do with getting that finished for Thursday, as it’s my book club meeting in the coming week! I am also nearing the end of Why We Love Music, by John Powell, so there are several books in the pipeline which I might finish in the coming days, which is very good news for the book challenge, although it will give me the age-old bookworm dilemma of what the hell to read next!

I think one of them will have to be I Know This Much: From Soho to Spandau, by Gary Kemp. My friend Sarah lent it to me ages ago, along with Faster Than Lightning, by Usain Bolt, which I read last year. I will be seeing Sarah on 19th February as we’re going to see the Pet Shop Boys in concert at the Manchester Arena, so getting the Gary Kemp book read would be a pretty good idea, lol! Funnily enough, there is actually a novel called I Know This Much Is True. It’s a big chunky book by Wally Lamb. Any time I see it in a bookshop, it makes me think of the chorus of “True” by Spandau Ballet!

You should know by now that I’m an 80s music nut! I was 10 when “True” was number one in 1983, so I remember it pretty damn well. It was number one just after my birthday, I think, although the number one on the day I reached double figures was “Let’s Dance” by the late great David Bowie.

Despite losing 2-1 last night, my lads booked their place in the League Cup Final at Wembley next month. The semi-finals are over two legs, so our 2-0 home win plus the away goal last night saw us through 3-2 despite the rubbish performance and defeat last night. Fair dos to Hull City, though. They were at home, and clearly up for it, even if the penalty they were given was the most dubious ever awarded – two of their players bumped into each other! Nothing our guys did wrong, but the idiotic ref gave the spot kick! As the song goes, Fergie’s right, the refs are shite!

I’d suggest they read the rule book more carefully, but they might need it in large print or Braille judging by their apparent visual difficulties when they’re on the pitch and refereeing a match…

So, applying for tickets starts on Monday. If Mum and I are successful, I will be taking a book or two down to Wembley with me in my handbag, and probably my Kindle as well, as I did for the FA Cup Final in May last year. That worked pretty well, really, especially on the way down, when I got a lot of reading done. Too busy celebrating and eating on the return journey back to Old Trafford, though.

Obviously, slim books are the preferred choices for Handbag Books, as I’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, but it also depends on what my book club book is, which I won’t know until after 2nd February when we meet up, discuss The Ashes of London, and then choose our next book. It depends on whether I’m enjoying the book, and the thickness, or otherwise, of the said reading matter. The cup final is on 26th February, so if we choose something not too chunky, and which I am enjoying, I may well be taking it on the coach down to Wembley, but we shall see.

Two David Beckhams and FA Cup Bookmark

I guess I could finish off There’s Only Two David Beckhams, by John O’Farrell. It’s a reasonably slim book, footy-related, and would make a good Handbag Book! I put the photo on here, though, to show the cross-stitched bookmark I made last year after our FA Cup victory over Crystal Palace. It was the 12th time United had won the FA Cup. If we win the League Cup next month, it will be the 5th time we’ve won that particular trophy. Our 4 victories, so far, came in 1992, 2006, 2009 and 2010, the first time we’d ever won a cup tournament back to back, although we’d won back to back league titles and even three league titles in a row before then. The FA Cup winning years bookmark is currently being used in The Saffron Trail, by Rosanna Ley, one of my current ongoing concerns on the reading front – the one which reminds me of my holiday in Morocco!

The Pie At Night, by Stuart Maconie, is another distinct possibility. It’s a sort-of belated follow-up to the brilliant Pies And Prejudice, which I read some years ago now. In that book, Maconie had been living and working down south, but overhearing some remark about having a Harvey Nichols in Leeds set him off on a journey back home and a tour around the north of England, various towns and cities, to rediscover his true Northern-ness. He’s from Wigan, hence the pie references in the titles! Pies are a very important matter to many of us northerners, but especially in Wigan! I’ve been to Wigan a few times, so I can confirm this! Anyway, The Pie At Night is about what the north does by way of fun and entertainment. It’s not too chunky, so it’d make a decent Handbag Book.

There are, of course, the books on the infamous Duplicate Books List, but I am NOT going into detail about those in this blog, as those buggers need a blog entry of their own to list all eighteen of them – I think it’s 18 books on the list. It’s certainly at least 17… They are mostly fiction, although there’s some non-fiction on the list, and one which I would class as “mind, body and spirit” and all I will say is that these are books of which I own two copies! Sometimes, it has happened by accident because they have different covers and I had genuinely forgotten I already had that book. At least one or two of them happened because I thought I had lost or given away the original, only to find I still had it, and there are one or two on the list which I knew I had, somewhere, but I didn’t have a Scooby where it was, so I got another copy in case I fancied reading it so that I knew where at least one copy was lurking!

My main aim now is to try to prevent any more books ending up on that notorious list, which is why I didn’t treat myself to The Sunrise, by Victoria Hislop, when I saw it for a quid in the sales at Waterstone’s. I think, sadly, that I did myself out of a bargain there as I don’t think I already own a copy of that one. And it was the hardback, too!

Anyway, I’m off to take my own advice from the title of this blog, lol, and get a bit of reading done, so that’s about it for now! Until the next time I’m back on here waffling on, take care and Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry…

  • George Michael: The Biography – Rob Jovanovic
  • The Ashes of London – Andrew Taylor
  • Why We Love Music – John Powell
  • I Know This Much: From Soho to Spandau – Gary Kemp
  • Faster Than Lightning – Usain Bolt
  • I Know This Much Is True – Wally Lamb
  • There’s Only Two David Beckhams – John O’Farrell
  • The Saffron Trail – Rosanna Ley
  • The Pie At Night – Stuart Maconie
  • Pies And Prejudice – Stuart Maconie
  • The Sunrise – Victoria Hislop

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