It’s Zlatan Time!

I Am Zlatan

Good morning, fellow Bookworms!

Book club later, and no, I’ve not read much of Nos4R2 by Joe Hill. Horror is NOT my bag at all, and besides which, it’s a chunky one. I needed to get something slimmer read for the end of 2016, just to have read 30 out of 40 on my revised Goodreads Challenge! I actually HAD met my original total, which was 25, and achieved that back in June. I then upped the total to 40, but failed to take into account the fact that A Little Life would take so much out of me as a reader that I wouldn’t be able to manage any more fiction for the rest of 2016! Well, I’m not Mystic Meg, or Claire Voyant, so how was I to know?! It wasn’t the fact it was 720 pages long, that wasn’t a problem, but more the content of it. I enjoyed reading it, it was one of my best books of last year, but it packed a punch on the emotional front, I think that’s the best way of putting it.

I did manage to read a few books after A Little Life, but those were all non-fiction! I read The Rules of the Game, by Pierluigi Collina, Faster Than Lightning, the autobiography of Usain Bolt, and then The Ten (Food) Commandments, by Jay Rayner, which took me to 30 books for the year. I have set 30 as my total for 2017, and we shall see what happens. Got off to a steady start, though, by finishing off something I was reading on my Kindle. Pear Shaped: The Funniest Book So Far This Year About Brain Cancer, by Adam Blain, is the first item of reading matter to be completed in 2017. Not sure when I started it, sometime last year, I think, or possibly 2015, but I have now finished it. Incidentally, Mr Blain is now cancer-free, as I found out when I was looking up what had happened to him. Fearing the worst, expecting to read that he’d passed away, I Googled, and found out that he’s very much still with us, still going for check-ups and the cancer is gone. Anyway, it’s a great read, and I recommend it. It might only be an e-book, I’m not sure if it is available in hardback or paperback, but it’s worth a read if you have any sort of e-reader device.

So, having got my 2017 Reading Challenge up and running with Pear Shaped, what to read next? Time to get something else off my notoriously long TBR pile as there was absolutely no point in starting a book club book only a day or two before book club. Not a big chunky one, anyway, and definitely not worth risking scaring myself stupid when I am not someone who is into horror. I’m sorry, I’m sure it’s really good, but I do not like having the living shit scared out of me! I have to draw the line at times. Often for the good of my mental health. I do not want to read something that is going to scare me or depress me, thank you very much! As I’ve said in previous blogs, I have to be careful when it comes to current affairs. I avoid the news on telly as much as I can, and I have to hide a lot of stuff from my news feed on Facebook. Even if they’re on the same side as me regarding a certain issue, I’m like “I agree with you, but I don’t want to be reminded of it!”

However, although I avoid current affairs, I do read a lot of factual stuff! I have always enjoyed both fiction and non-fiction since I first learned to read. And, if the non-fiction is anything to do with either music or football (soccer for any readers in the States), it is very likely to be on my reading list! I think I had bought I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic even before he joined United in the summer, as he is quite a character and I thought it would make for a fascinating read. He then joined the club I love on a free transfer, and he is currently way out in front as our leading goalscorer this season. So, I have decided that Zlatan’s autobiography is next on the list and I started it yesterday evening. So, it is most definitely Zlatan Time around here!

You have to choose your battles selectively! If I want to get a lot of books read, I’m going to have to stick with non-fiction, at least for now. Not braving the fiction pool. I have had reader’s block on the fiction front since A Little Life, so it makes sense to stick to the factual stuff, at least to get started for this year’s books, as I know I can still read those! Not sure when I’ll get my fiction mojo back. Soon, I hope. It would have to be something completely different from the Yanagihara epic, probably something which will make me laugh.

Maybe my next book club book will do that, although I’m not holding my breath. It’ll probably be yet another which is not my genre. I’ve been in that book club since 2008, and I DO like it, but there are times when I question my continued membership. There have been quite a few times when our chosen read has really not grabbed me at all. Too many thrillers or horror novels. I’m scared of being scared, and with pretty good reason. I’m an introvert, as I’ve probably mentioned in several previous blogs. My brain goes into overdrive on a frequent basis, I am overstimulated, and tend to overthink things far too often.

So, I fear that reading a horror novel would be no better for me than going to see it at the cinema! My brain would act as a cinema. Dark auditorium, huge screen, high-definition images, Dolby surround sound, etc, etc… All very well if the plot is the sort of thing I’d want to go and see as a film, but NOT if it’s something that is going to scare seven shades of shit out of me! I really do not want to read something which would give me mental images equivalent to a cinematic laxative! I don’t go to the flicks very often, but when I do, I tend to go for comedies. I want a good giggle! Look, if I’m going to have an “underwear malfunction” of any kind, I want it to be because I’ve pissed my pants laughing, rather than having shat in them out of sheer terror, thank you very much!

So, the same applies to books! NO horror, please! Any chance of something that’s going to cause me to emit loud snorts of laughter on the bus? I HAVE read some good books as part of the book club, and I would appreciate one of those later on! Failing that, there’s always Mr Ibrahimovic, of course! And with that, I shall bring this blog to an end for now. I think it’s about time I blew the final whistle on this helping of utter waffle! Take care and, as usual, until next time, Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry:

  • Nos4R2 – Joe Hill
  • A Little Life – Hanya Yanagihara
  • The Rules of the Game – Pierluigi Collina
  • Faster Than Lightning – Usain Bolt
  • The Ten (Food) Commandments – Jay Rayner
  • Pear Shaped: The Funniest Book So Far This Year About Brain Cancer – Adam Blain
  • I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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