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Turn-up For The Book(s): Manc Irony alive and well on this blog!


Good evening, fellow Bookworms!

Sorry for the lack of blogs since June, but here we are again. Hope you all had a good Christmas! Got a Waterstone’s gift card as one of my pressies, which is always the best idea when you don’t know what book to get someone because they already have so many, which we all know is my situation, lol!

Wasn’t sure what to call this blog. Sometimes I am really stuck for a good idea for a title, so at present, as I type, it’s just got the working title of “Last Blog of the Year” as it certainly will be that! I sure as hell won’t be blogging tomorrow! Got a match to go to, United being at home to Middlesbrough, and then I’ll be off out for a meal to let in 2017 and hope it’s a damn sight better than most of 2016 has been! If the Grim Reaper could please stop bumping off talented people and focus on nasty pieces of work instead, that would be great! The entire right-wing of the political spectrum would be ideal. Just a hint… Especially the far-right. Wouldn’t exactly be too upset at THEIR passing…

As mentioned in the blog in June, I now have a nephew as well as a niece! Reuben David Jack was born on 8th October, a little brother for Charlotte, the Junior Bookworm! I hope Reuben will also love books as much as his sister does. For the record, my pressies for Charlotte were books – a large book of poetry for children and a box set of Roald Dahl’s books. I think there are 15 books in that box set, it’s one I had in from when my niece was little. I saw it and bought it when I was working in Chorlton, and it was always going to be a future birthday or Christmas present for my niece when she was old enough to start enjoying a bit of Roald Dahl. That time has now come, and, indeed, she’s going to be reading some of his stories at school, so Ellie let me know and I decided the time was definitely right!

As you can see, there is a mystery book again. So, let’s open it up a bit further…

Right, the tag and string are off… We shall start to unwrap shortly…

One of the main issues causing the lack of blogging was that I suffered a bout of Reader’s Block once again. Well, sort of, although I did manage to read some non-fiction, but I think A Little Life proved so epic, that I have been unable to face any fiction since I finished the 720 page novel! I had already met my original 25 book target in my Goodreads Reading Challenge, and done so with some months to spare, so I thought upping it to 40 wouldn’t be unreasonable. However, due to the aforementioned issues after A Little Life, I have only managed a total of 30 books this year, the last of which I finished earlier this evening, that being The Ten (Food) Commandments, by Jay Rayner. I recommend this book, not just because it’s about food, not just because Jay makes some bloody brilliant and necessary points, but it is also a small book which would fit in a lot of handbags! I have a nice sizeable Kipling bag and can fit a few books in there, lol, but for those pushed for space, the Jay Rayner one would be ideal. I must say, though, that if you are a hardened bookworm, what the hell are you doing with a small handbag?! Shouldn’t you buy a handbag based on being able to fit a decent amount of reading matter into it?! That’s my criteria, anyway! Why do you think I created a Handbag Books list on List Challenges?!

Ooh! The mystery book is unwrapped a bit…

I mentioned before that I got a Waterstone’s gift card for Christmas, but. talking of book-related gift cards, has anyone else had a go at that game run by National Book Tokens? There are 20 road signs, of which each is a clue to a certain book. Some of them, indeed quite a lot of them, were rather straightforward and easy to guess. For example, the pig on the tractor sign was Animal Farm, by George Orwell, but towards the end, before I finally guessed them all, there were two in particular I was struggling with and had to get help from an online forum in exchange for giving answers to those I’d got which others hadn’t. One of them was the “men at work” warning triangle, and the other was a green arrow with “Emerald Street” on it. Turns out the men at work one was Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel, and the Emerald Street one was The Green Road by Anne Enright

Well, would you Adam & Eve it?!

In a lovely dose of Mancunian irony, the “Secret Santa” book I got at Waterstone’s just before Christmas only turns out to be one of the titles which was giving me such a problem on that pesky National Book Tokens game! The last damn title I guessed! The one which gave me so many problems guessing it! My first guess for that road sign had actually been The Green Mile, the Stephen King novel, and I couldn’t believe it when I was told that was incorrect! So I tried a few other guesses before resorting to an internet forum and an exchange of answers, which gave me The Green Road. Then I go and treat myself to a mystery book at Waterstone’s and it only turns out to be that very novel!

Well, I’ll not keep you any longer, I’m sure you need to get ready for any New Year’s Eve events you’re going to, and I will need to do the same, so I shall love you and leave you for this year! I hope to bring you more utter waffle in 2017, which will probably also mention books, lol! You don’t get any “new year new me” bullshit from me! I’ll spare you that crap! You get the same old nonsense from me year in year out, whether you like it or not, lol! Oddly enough, some people actually seem to like it. Enough to subscribe to my blog and like some of my entries! Very kind of you if you’re one of those people!

Until next time, take care and Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry:

  • A Little Life – Hanya Yanagihara
  • The Ten (Food) Commandments – Jay Rayner
  • Animal Farm – George Orwell
  • Bring Up The Bodies – Hilary Mantel
  • The Green Road – Anne Enright
  • The Green Mile  – Stephen King

P.S. The “Joanne’s Bookshelf Blog – Books Mentioned 2016” list is now published on List Challenges for your enjoyment! See how many you’ve read!


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