Gnarly Middle-Aged Badassery!

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Good evening, fellow Bookworms!

Back again with another blog, the title of which has been inspired by a status line from one of my Facebook friends, Andy Ledger, so you have him to thank for this! Am I middle-aged at 43? If I’m not middle-aged just yet, I’m certainly heading in that direction! My friend’s comment came because Farcebook kept suggesting posts to him, advertising t-shirts. These items of clothing advised people not to underestimate the power of an old man with a guitar, a bass, or all manner of other items which, to my friend Andy suggested “gnarly middle-aged badassery”, so you get the title of this blog!

OK, I’m not a bloke, and maybe 43 isn’t quite middle-aged, although I thought it would count. After all, if life expectancy for the average Joe or Joanne in the UK is around their 80s or even 90s, then one’s 40s have to be regarded as middle-aged! My maternal grandparents made it into their 90s, my Nana on my dad’s side, who would have been 90 today, made it to her late 80s, so at 43, I guess I am middle-aged, and it’s time for some gnarly badassery! Well, I do have a bass, on which I can play along with the basslines of a fair selection of tunes! But the main issue of this blog is books, and I like to think that being a bookworm makes me a literary badass, so here we go with today’s waffle…

Two books finished in the past couple of days! The Guest Cat and The Girl of Ink & Stars have been read, the latter in time for tomorrow evening’s book club meeting. Was starting to wonder if I’d left things a bit late with that one, I was halfway through it before I picked it up today, but I knew I only had today, effectively, to finish it off, as I have a very busy day ahead tomorrow prior to my book club meeting, little or no chance of finishing off my book on the actual day. However, when I picked it up and resumed reading, it just took me right to the end, sailing through the YA novel to its conclusion, exactly as you’d want a book to enable you to do!

Actually, having finished The Girl of Ink & Stars, it means I’ve finished back to back book club books for the first time since… ooh, possibly ever! Two on the trot that I’ve actually enjoyed and finished, given that last month’s chosen book was American Housewife, by Helen Ellis, which gave me a good laugh! Who knows? Maybe tomorrow night, we’ll pick another good ‘un to make it three on the trot? I can dream, can’t I?!

I really need to get on with A Little Life, though, as the Waterstone’s event is on 17th June, and I plan on attending. I am currently 45% of the way through. More large reading sessions for that one are needed, that will have to be my priority book, but it doesn’t mean I won’t start others, or that I haven’t already started others. Indeed, one of my charity shop finds from the other day has seen me make progress with The Diary of a Submissive, by Sophie Morgan. This is no Fifty Shades, this is non-fiction from a lady who goes in for that lifestyle for real. So, despite my love of YA books, and the fact I’ve read a fair few of those in recent times, I have wide-ranging tastes on the book front, and I do occasionally read books intended solely for those of us aged 18 or over! I’ve been of age for a quarter of a century now, plus I hinted at badassery in the title of this blog and I didn’t want to disappoint my readers, lol!

It’s like going to the cinema, except that books are usually much better than their films, but I make the cinema comparison because you have all the film certificates, and when you’re a little kid, you can only go and see U rated films which are suitable for all (universal). As you get older, you can start seeing 12 rated films, then 15 rated films… Then you turn 18 and become an adult, and you can see any damn film you like! However, just because you might now get to see erotic films or horror films, that doesn’t mean that you won’t still want to go and see the latest Disney Pixar one as well!

Similar thing with books… As you grow up, you read books suitable for your age and reading ability, so you get older and get to read more and more books… As most books don’t actually have age restrictions, except erotica, you could actually read horror novels before you get to 18 should you wish to have the living shit scared out of you! Not my cup of tea, but a lot of teens go through a Stephen King phase, as my sister did at that age. Anyway, once you get to 18, you can read any damn book you want, including all the steamy stuff, the Black Lace paperbacks, and all that malarkey, but it doesn’t stop you reading The Fault In Our Stars as well!

As I said before, horror is definitely not my bag! If I want to read any Stephen King, I might tackle one of his non-horror books. Quite a few people on book groups on Facebook recommend 11.22.63, about the Kennedy assassination. It’s supposed to be a time-travel novel. I do have The Green Mile somewhere in this room, so I could read that one.

My other charity shop finds from the other day include The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud, by Ben Sherwood, and I’m Not Scared, by Niccolo Ammaniti. Thing is, about that latter one, it’s also the title of an 80s synth hit for Eighth Wonder in 1988, written for Patsy Kensit’s band by the Pet Shop Boys, who recorded their own version of it on Introspective, of course, so please excuse me if that song is on my brain when I see the book! I’ve been a biased Pethead for years!

I should do that as a List Challenges book list – book titles which are also song titles! There’s a book by Wally Lamb, a big chunky novel, called I Know This Much Is True, and any time I see the book in a book store or on a list on List Challenges, I automatically think of the chorus of True by Spandau Ballet! Actually, I have a book here in Computer Corner, by Kate Furnivall, called Under a Blood Red Sky, and that novel shares its name with a U2 album!

Anyway, before I waffle on any further about books which share their titles with songs or entire albums, I think it’s about time I brought this gnarly middle-aged badassery to a close for now! Until the vaguely book-related nonsense from me appears on your computers again, take care and Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry:

  • The Guest Cat – Takashi Hiraide
  • The Girl of Ink & Stars – Kiran Millwood Hargrave
  • American Housewife – Helen Ellis
  • A Little Life – Hanya Yanagihara
  • The Diary of a Submissive – Sophie Morgan
  • The Fault In Our Stars – John Green
  • 11.22.63 – Stephen King
  • The Green Mile – Stephen King
  • The Death and Life of Charlie St.Cloud – Ben Sherwood
  • I’m Not Scared – Niccolo Ammaniti
  • I Know This Much Is True – Wally Lamb
  • Under a Blood Red Sky – Kate Furnivall

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