The Valentine’s Day Book Mystery

five bookmarks

Good evening, fellow bookworms!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Both for those of you who have partners, and for those of us who shall settle for a hot date with some reading matter! I am actually celebrating the finding of my purple bookmark, as I have had a bit of a sort-out this evening, and found it in one of my books in a plastic container. The book had hardly been read, so I took the bookmark out to use in another book. One which I might get round to reading. The only bookmark not on that photo is the blue one I made some time ago. That one is with Lauren Tess Anderson in Erith, Kent, as I sent it to her with a copy of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak when we did a book swap not long ago on Facebook. She sent me Ella Minnow Pea by Mark Dunn.

Anyway, as it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s time to unwrap the second of the Mysterious Books as part of Blind Date With A Book, so are you ready, ladies and gentlemen? Here we go… This is the mystery book and its clue. “This is the novel I have given as a gift the most. It is sad and uplifting and about all the ways in which humans try to communicate and love.”

Lonely Hunter 1

Untie the string…

Lonely Hunter 2

Turn it over and unwrap…

Lonely Hunter 3


Lonely Hunter 4

Nearly! Can you tell what it is?

Lonely Hunter 5

All is revealed! The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers! 🙂

So, that’s the Valentine’s Day Book Mystery solved! Both the mysterious books have been unwrapped now. Have any of you ever taken part in a “blind date with a book” experience? If so, which book(s) did you end up with? I would be very interested to know, as it’s the first time I’ve actually taken part in one of these, and I shall have to see how I get on with these books, whether I enjoy them or not, both Bonjour Tristesse, and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

As I mentioned before, regarding the bookmarks, the blue one went to a lady on Facebook during a book swap, and the green one is in my large music-edition hymn book, but the purple one is now in Bonjour Tristesse, the brown one is in An Equal Music by Vikram Seth, the yellow one, my most recently-stitched bookmark, is currently in The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje, and the red one, as you can imagine if you know me, is in a football-related book, Louis van Gaal: the Biography, by Maarten Meijer. Perhaps I should make another bookmark? I don’t just make those designs, though! Anything goes as far as bookmarks are concerned, I have used football and concert tickets, bus and tram passes and postcards as bookmarks on a frequent basis, as well as actual proper bookmarks, some of which I have stitched, and I have also got a few I have done from lino printing, and I simply have to cut those out and use them!

Starman bookmark

My recent Starman bookmark. I didn’t do the star right, it’s not quite central and it needed to be slightly to the left of where it is, but it’s not too bad. I just wanted something which I could make fairly quickly as a tribute. The Ziggy Stardust head was actually a pattern for either Hama or Perla beads which I found on Pinterest, but it was easy to convert that to cross-stitch and choose suitable colours of floss. I have stitched, on and off, since around this time in 1997, so 19 years now since I first decided to give it a go. I had been using the bookmark in An Abundance of Katherines, but I have put another stitched bookmark in that one, as I think it’s only right that the Bowie-themed bookmark should be put to use in a book about the man himself! It might actually look quite good if I did another one on blue aida, it would certainly make Ziggy stand out a bit more! The music underneath the biography is Best of Bowie, the book of sheet music for the songs on the double CD compilation of his greatest hits. It’s not the first sheet music to get a mention on this blog, though, as I once mentioned an orchestral score on here! It’s in a book, thus it counts, lol!

At the start of this blog entry, I mentioned that I was having a sort-out. I was actually looking to see which books I had in some plastic containers, and I rediscovered some books. I really should get Jamrach’s Menagerie finished off, I was over halfway through it when I put it in that container, and I have also realised I am about halfway through The Snowman by Jo Nesbo! I hadn’t thought I was that far into that book, so I have surprised myself. Crime fiction is not usually my thing. I know a lot of people who love it. I don’t really have a favourite genre, though. I love a wide mix of books, and I love fiction and non-fiction alike. No idea where The Sisters Brothers has got to, though, as I thought that would be in my book crates. It wasn’t in the two I’d looked in. Must be elsewhere in my room. I shall get that one read if I ever find it, lol! It has a really brilliant, clever cover, that one! I know you shouldn’t judge a book by a cover, but that one really does have a great cover!

* puts flashlight on her mobile phone and looks under Computer Corner… *

Right, what’s under here? Owt or nowt? Silly question really, as there’s shedloads of books under here, but is there anything worth mentioning in this blog?

* resurfaces from under Computer Corner with a book and returns to her laptop *

Oh, bugger! You know I mentioned in the blog, the other day, that I had five duplicate books? Make that six! My visit to the books under Computer Corner has revealed that I have two copies of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Oops! So, that will have to join the list with Anita and Me and the others… I have just made the decision over which edition stays and which is on offer. If you’re interested, leave a comment on my blog or PM me on Facebook.The other books of which I have duplicates were mentioned on my blog on 12th February, so probably best to let me know via that one. Whichever edition I keep, it will make a good “handbag book”, which is a concept I mentioned in yesterday’s blog! Another one which would make a good handbag book is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F Scott Fitzgerald. It’s pretty short, in fact there are three short stories in the edition I have, and it is still a slim volume of a book!

Found quite a few books of interest down there, below the technology in this corner, one or two I’d read some time ago and enjoyed, such as The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I read that a good few years ago now, it was a book club book for the group I belong to at Waterstone’s Deansgate. It was probably around 2009 I read that book. I joined the book club in October 2008 and the book we were reading when I first joined was Sara Gruen’s Water For Elephants.

Obviously, I won’t do this right now as it’s 21:36h as I type this, but there is the garage to check out… There is a wooden chest full of my books in there. Probably time to take a look at what I stashed away some time ago. I also have books in my wardrobe units, so those need an exploratory mission, particularly to find out if certain books are where I thought they were, unlike War And Peace, which is actually in one of the plastic containers, as I found out earlier this evening! I did start reading it some time ago, about 8 years ago, I think, and got about 200 or so pages in, but that’s not much of an inroad when the damn book is over 1,000 pages long, is it?! Not sure whether to start from the beginning if I ever attempt it again, or just try to go from where I left off in 2008 or whenever it was! Perhaps I should put some suitable music on, a bit of Tchaikovsky, perhaps, and see how far I get? Anyway, enough of that for now! It’s in the plastic container, and it can wait for some other time.

Talking of waiting for another time, it’s time I brought an end to this vaguely book-related waffle for now and got this published so you can read it and find out what my second mysterious book was! Take care, and, until next time, Happy Reading!

Joanne x x x

Books mentioned in this blog entry…

  • The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
  • Ella Minnow Pea – Mark Dunn
  • The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter – Carson McCullers (Mysterious Book 2)
  • Bonjour Tristesse – Francoise Sagan (Mysterious Book 1)
  • An Equal Music – Vikram Seth
  • The English Patient – Michael Ondaatje
  • Louis van Gaal: The Biography – Maarten Meijer
  • An Abundance of Katherines – John Green
  • Best of Bowie (sheet music) – David Bowie
  • David Bowie: Starman – Paul Trynka (featured in photo)
  • Jamrach’s Menagerie – Carol Birch
  • The Snowman – Jo Nesbo
  • The Sisters Brothers – Patrick DeWitt
  • The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks
  • Anita and Me – Meera Syal
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaffer
  • Water For Elephants – Sara Gruen
  • War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy



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