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Books 4

Good afternoon, fellow Bookworms! Welcome to another book blog, and as I have done at least once before, I am about to highlight a few books of which I currently possess two copies! One copy of each of these is featured in the above photo. I am not necessarily in a rush to offload, but I am putting it out there that if anyone is interested in any of these books, then they can let me know and we can make arrangements… Last time I did this, I recall sending some to a lady called Zoe Spooner on Facebook. The rest I gave to a charity shop, if I recall rightly. I’d acquired about 5 or 6 duplicates on that occasion, too!

If you think any of these might float your boat, please let me know…

  • Anita And Me – Meera Syal
  • Manual of the Warrior of Light – Paulo Coelho
  • A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens
  • Attention All Shipping – Charlie Connelly
  • The Year of Reading Dangerously – Andy Miller

So, general fiction, philosophy/self-help (I guess you could call the Coelho book self-help), a classic novel and two non-fiction reads. I can certainly recommend Attention All Shipping, a book which I discovered when I was on holiday in Mexico in 2013.

Shall we unwrap one of the Mysterious Books?

Bonjour 1

Those of you who read yesterday’s blog entry will know about the two books, both wrapped in brown paper and string, which I bought from Waterstone’s Deansgate on Thursday. They are part of the “Blind Date With A Book” thing for Valentine’s Day. So, here is one of them…The Waterstone’s tag reads; “A chilling look at the havoc a bored teenage girl can create. Stylish, sultry and amoral.”

So, let’s unwrap it, shall we?

Bonjour 2

The string is off…

Bonjour 3


Bonjour 4

Ah, so we know the author now! Let’s just turn it around…

Bonjour 5

And there we have it! Bonjour Tristesse by Francoise Sagan! Actually, there are two stories in this book, Bonjour Tristesse and A Certain Smile.

I had thought it might be this one, as I could make out a little of the author’s name through the paper, and Bonjour Tristesse is the only title I knew of by this lady! The other book, Mysterious Book 2, was giving less away, I could see something through the brown paper, but only the beginning and end of a potential name. I think it’s a Penguin edition, similar to this, it’s a bit chunkier. Not a huge book, but not as slim as this one, so I went on Penguin’s website to look up authors. given the letters I can make out. I now have an inkling as to the author, again a female, I think, and having looked up her works, there are a couple of possibilities as to which of them is lurking beneath the paper! I intend to unwrap that one tomorrow, so we shall find out which book it is soon enough!

I am currently at my laptop, in the corner of my room, pretty much surrounded by books! I call this area Computer Corner, but to be perfectly frank, that’s just because my laptop and the printer are around here, but books tend to fill most of my room, and there are plenty of them under Computer Corner, one of which must have slipped off a pile to grab my attention recently. It worked, as I then decided to read The Fire Gospel by Michel Faber, although the fact that it’s a fairly slim book helped its cause. I know I love the bookworm parody of “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot, where it claims “I like big books and I cannot lie”, but I’m trying to get through a fair few slim reads at the moment, the big, chunky ones will come later! Perhaps The Book of Strange New Things, which is also by Michel Faber. Needless to say, I enjoyed The Fire Gospel enough to read something else by the same author at some time or another!

I also have piles of books at the side of my laptop, round the back of the printer, and in a revolving dual-sided bookcase. Having a quick shufty at some of the books on that, I find, amongst others, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, and Round Ireland With A Fridge by Tony Hawks, a couple of books I’ve had for some years, and perhaps I ought to get around to reading them! I expect the Tony Hawks one will amuse me, the very idea of traipsing around Ireland with a fridge is the sort of daft shit I love – let’s not forget that I loved Attention All Shipping because Charlie Connelly embarked on a journey around the sea areas mentioned in the legendary Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio Four!

The other thing about reading slim books and novellas, is that I can fit a few of them in my handbag, as I mentioned yesterday! When I have finished one of my handbag books, I will be looking to replace it with another slim volume! Both the Hawks and Nabokov books would fit the bill, but I have a decent selection on hand which would also fit nicely, as would Andrea Pirlo’s autobiography, I Think Therefore I Play, if I had not already read it recently! Another interesting and enjoyable football autobiography! My preference might be for players or managers associated with Manchester United, but it is not restricted to Red Devils past or present. If I am interested enough in a player or manager, I will read about him, or from him.

Anyway, that’s about all for now, except to mention one thing from my visit to Waterstone’s on Thursday. I have booked myself to see a reading at the Deansgate branch on Tuesday 1st March. Joanna Cannon will be there to talk about and read from her novel, The Trouble With Goats And Sheep. The ticket was only £4 and I get a glass of wine at the event! Yay! I expect she will also sign copies of the book on the night. I have been to book readings, but not for a while. The last one I went to, I was quite lucky that it was our book club meeting anyway, and Hannah Kent came to meet our group, talk about and read from Burial Rites, and sign copies for us. One of those rare books that we all loved in our book club!

So, on that note, I shall love you and leave you to read in peace, lol! If anyone wants any of my duplicated books, as mentioned at the start of this blog, please get in touch! I intend to open Mysterious Book 2 tomorrow, so stand by for the Valentine’s Day blog entry, but until then, Happy Reading!

Joanne. xxx

Books mentioned in this blog entry…

  • Anita And Me – Meera Syal
  • Manual of the Warrior of Light – Paulo Coelho
  • A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens
  • Attention All Shipping – Charlie Connelly
  • The Year of Reading Dangerously – Andy Miller
  • Bonjour Tristesse – Francoise Sagan
  • The Fire Gospel – Michel Faber
  • The Book of Strange New Things – Michel Faber
  • Lolita – Vladimir Nabokov
  • Round Ireland With a Fridge – Tony Hawks
  • I Think Therefore I Play – Andrea Pirlo
  • The Trouble With Goats and Sheep – Joanna Cannon
  • Burial Rites – Hannah Kent



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