A Bookworm In Her Element…

Good evening, Bookworms!

Apologies for the delay in blogging, but I feel like I’ve got my head full of stuff at the moment and things are up in the air regarding work, so please excuse me for being preoccupied and not blogging very frequently. At times I have meant to, but sometimes all I want to do is surround myself with anything particularly positive to keep me going. Sometimes this is in the form of books, such as The Power Of Positive Thinking, and other times I am getting help from a bunch of pages and groups on Facebook which I am finding very useful in that respect.

I meant to tell you all earlier, but have only just got round to mentioning it… I am going to be a Book Giver for this year’s World Book Night which takes place on my birthday, 23rd April! I was notified last month by email and informed that I have got my first choice of book to give away, so next month, about a week before St George’s Day, I shall be collecting from the Trafford Centre branch of Waterstone’s a box containing 24 copies of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak! I intend to give the books out at the Trafford Centre and this event is meant to encourage those who either don’t read books or don’t read an awful lot by providing them with a free book. Yes, folks, you don’t even have to nick them like Liesel does in the novel I’m giving away – these are being given out for absolutely zilch pounds and zilch pence! Free, gratis, diddly squat, bugger all, not a sausage, etc…

I started thinking about the contents of this blog while watching my beloved United stuffing Wolves 5-0 on Match of the Day 2 and thus going 4 points clear at the top of the Premier League. Books… Football… I am in my element, and one of my book club’s books, the one I have chosen to read, is Periodic Tales by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, a book which looks into the curious lives of the elements. Might even interest my dad, this book, as it’s essentially about chemistry and all the elements in Dmitrii Mendeleev’s Periodic Table. Before he retired a couple of years ago, industrial chemistry was my dad’s line of work and he was a safety adviser by the time his working life came to a close, visiting sites when incidents had occurred and performing risk analyses on them with the aim of preventing a repeat.

I am currently reading the part about sulphur and it reminds me of the yellow powder from science lessons, particularly chemistry, at high school, but it also reminds me of my interest in volcanoes and the fact that sulphur is a frequent by-product of these magnificent erupting giants! However, I was watching football when I started to jot down ideas for this blog and the elements that sprang readily to mind for me were silver as in trophies and also gold as in the crown and lions on the Premier League Trophy! Also, much as we have just gone out of continental competition for this season (having got a lot further than my lads truly deserved this campaign – we’ve been horrendous), it does remind me that there is even an element called europium! It is actually used in Euro banknotes and apparently it makes it easier to detect forgeries. With the economic downturn, it has been rumoured that a lot of countries may well go back to their old currencies, but even if that does happen, and our continental friends revert to drachma, pesetas, francs, marks, etc, at least europium will have had around a decade of frequent useful purpose since 2002! If there was an element which would sum up today’s opponents, Wolves, it would probably be Pb – lead, due to being bottom of the table and facing the prospect of relegation – sinking like the proverbial lead balloon! Their chances of getting anything out of today’s match sunk like a lead balloon when Zubar stupidly got himself sent-off for a second bookable offence after about half an hour of the match!

By the way, bookworms, you did read correctly about my book club having chosen books – at our last meeting on 21st February, we couldn’t really choose and thus decided to have two choices, one fiction and one non-fiction, the non-fiction being Periodic Tales, which is what I have opted for. Our fiction choice for our next meeting on 3rd April is Pure by Andrew Miller. I have glanced at it, but the elements won out in my case because I already had the book in hardback from a while ago – it has one of those covers that just attracted me to it. I got what my friend Gitte on Facebook calls “The Call Of The Book” and could not resist buying it. Plus, as I mentioned before, my dad was an industrial chemist.

Anyway, apologies that this is only fairly short, but I need to give some thought to snoozing soon! Until next time, take care and Happy Reading!

Books mentioned in this blog entry:

  • The Power Of Positive Thinking – Dr Norman Vincent Peale
  • The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
  • Periodic Tales – Hugh Aldersey-Williams
  • Pure – Andrew Miller

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