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Happy Endings (The Kindle Arriveth!)

Good Evening, Bookworms!

Chief Bookworm here again with another blog entry. Apologies for the delay, but I have been busy enjoying my Kindle! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after several months of email correspondence with Joanna Lord from Guardian Books, the long-running Kindle Saga has now ended happily ever after as the device arrived on Monday 28th November by recorded delivery! And it’s the Wi-Fi version, so not only can I read books on it, which I have already downloaded, but, if I am anywhere where there is Wi-Fi and I have the code, I can go on the Kindle Store on my device and acquire more books! I can do this at home and I also discovered that I can do it at Subway in Chorlton when I’m on my lunch! Very handy indeed!

Therefore, as I have received my Kindle and an Amazon gift card, I have been busy putting ebooks on my new device and having a damn good read! First one I put on was Shaun Ryder’s autobiography, Twisting My Melon, as I’d been eyeing that book up for a while and thought it looked good. Plus, Shaun’s from Salford, so he mentions places I know! With these e-reader devices, there are also a lot of free ebooks, particularly works of classic literature as they are so old that copyright on them expired years ago, so they end up being very cheap paperbacks and free ebooks! I’ve put a few free Dickens ebooks on my Kindle, including A Christmas Carol, given that we are fast approaching the festive season! The Kindle even has illustrations in books (black & white, obviously), so you can even get maps and travel guides, plus the photos that appear in some books, although you’d have to make do without colour versions – get the actual physical hardback or paperback book if you want those. I have downloaded some travel guides to Berlin for when I go there in February.

In fact, the black and white graphics are great – the screensavers are incredible! In the settings for the books themselves, you have about 8 different font sizes from pretty small but still readable to incredibly large. You wouldn’t get many words on the screen at a time for the largest two font sizes, but even my maternal grandma would be able to read ebooks if the letters were THAT big! This particular Kindle, the Wi-Fi edition, doesn’t have the keyboard bit at the bottom as previous models have done, but does have a keyboard button, so you press that if you want to type something, then you have to navigate around the on-screen keyboard. You wouldn’t really want to type anything lengthy in this manner, but you can make notes that way and you can also search for books on the Kindle Store that way too! You can also “highlight” passages in books, which basically underlines the selected text, and you can get definitions of words by navigating to that word and then choosing to look up the definition. This would’ve been very handy some months ago when I started reading Jamrach’s Menagerie and there were a couple of words, mostly sailing vocabulary, which I needed to look up while I was reading the book to get a better understanding of the story. Must get round to finishing it. Maybe over Christmas.

Sorry that this is a fairly short one tonight. I know recent blog entries seem to have been getting longer and longer, but I just thought you’d like to know my Kindle has finally arrived and might wish to read my first impressions having had the device for the best part of a week. I now await the cover I have ordered for my Kindle. Got one with a built-in light after some advice from my Facebook friend and fellow bookworm, Lizzie Harvey!

That’s about it for now. I need to get a load of stuff off my bed and get into it. Got a bit of a cold and feeling a bit rough. Add to this the fact that something has happened to the lights in my room and I’m having to put lamps on. Went up to the loft earlier to get some stuff down and I have no idea why but my bedroom lights went out. Despite all the other upstairs lights working again, mine haven’t come back on and I have the light of my laptop monitor and a nearby lamp to type by! Hope your lights are still on! There is a light that never goes out, according to The Smiths. Sadly, this is not the case in my bedroom! Take care and Happy Reading!

Books mentioned in this blog entry:

  • Twisting My Melon – Shaun Ryder
  • A Christmas Carol – Charles Dickens
  • Jamrach’s Menagerie – Carol Birch

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