One Free Book Leads To Another… (Or Several Others!)

Good Evening, Bookworms!

Let me take you back to last month, 21st July to be exact, and a blog entry called I Love It When A Book Comes Together. Most of this entry concerned my friend Helen Adams and her self-help book, Gorgeous… Inside And Out, which had just been published and, of which, I was one of the first people to receive a copy – presented to me by the author herself as she paid a visit chez moi! Anyway, a couple of other books were mentioned in the same blog entry, and one of these other books was by newspaper columnist and tweeter extraordinaire, Grace Dent, because I had found a free copy of her book, How To Leave Twitter, when I was having lunch at the Barbakan Deli in Chorlton!

On the inside of Grace’s book was a sticker explaining that not only was this book a free copy, but if I were to email the given code to the given email address, I would be in with a one in 450 chance of winning an Amazon Kindle, pre-loaded with The Guardian’s selection of summer reads! I shall attempt to re-post the appropriate paragraph as a wee reminder…

Getting your hands on a book is always good. Even better if it’s cheap. Even better still if it’s FREE! Imagine my delight yesterday when I was having lunch at the Barbakan Deli in Chorlton and found a free book! “How To Leave Twitter” by Grace Dent was lying there on a counter, with a sticker inside explaining that this was a free copy and that I could also email a code and be in with a shout of winning a Kindle pre-loaded with the Guardian’s selection of summer reads. The book is hilarious, so many thanks to @gracedent although I have no intention of leaving Twitter whatsoever – what else would I do to occupy my hour-long bus rides to work and back if I didn’t tweet?! Well, ok, that is a bit of a rhetorical question as sometimes I read books, and I almost always listen to music, but I do find a damn good tweeting session certainly helps pass the time while I travel on the 22 bus from Monton to Chorlton or back again.

Ring any book-related bells? Anyway, I was on my lunch, as you might imagine, although I’d opted for Subway today, and sat down to check my BlackBerry for texts, tweets and emails, when I found an email from Guardian Books informing me, to my surprise, but also to my joy, that I had won a Kindle! Woo-hoo! The device will be posted out in early September, meaning that I’ll probably have to pick it up from the post office when I’ve just got back from my holidays, but never mind! I am also looking forward to finding out which books, exactly, constitute the Guardian’s choice of summer reads! I’m sure some of them will be my cup of tea!

I did figure, when I emailed, that the odds were fairly decent for this draw compared to many other prize draws and competitions I have heard about let alone entered my name into, but I factored-in the matter that, even if I didn’t win, I have loads of actual books, plus a Sony Reader and I also have Kobo on my BlackBerry, so this device and the ebooks on it are added extras and pretty damn good ones too – a Kindle alone, even without any books on it, is £111 here in the UK and, regardless of whichever books are on it, the paperback versions of said titles are around seven or eight pounds each these days as an average going rate for works of general fiction in paperback!

There is only one thing I can conclude from this… I am just a complete and utter bookaholic. I just have to have books, regardless of format. Much as I do love the convenience of and amazing technology behind ebooks, though, I never want to see the end of books and bookshops – I’m a sucker for a good browsing session! I love to physically browse bookshops and pick up paperbacks or hardbacks, read blurb on the backs of books, or maybe even have a shufty at the opening sentence of the novel – see if it hooks me right in and convinces me I have to take it to the till and buy it! I never want actual books, as in the physical hardback or paperback publications, to ever stop being printed and published – I would be extremely upset if books and bookshops ceased to exist!

Apologies that not many different books have been mentioned here. I did look on the Guardian’s website, but I still can’t seem to find any indication of which books they have actually classed as this year’s summer reads! I’ve just had another shufty on the Guardian Books pages… nope, still no clearer, folks! Oh well, when I receive this ‘ere Kindle, I shall let you all know and I shall list the pre-loaded books for you so we can all stop wondering and get back to whatever we’re reading! Hope you’re enjoying whatever it is you’re reading now and whichever format it is in!

Happy Reading!

Books mentioned in this blog entry:

  • Gorgeous… Inside And Out – Helen Adams
  • How To Leave Twitter – Grace Dent

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