The Busy Bookworm: World Book Night 2012 part 2 & the Booker Prize longlist…

Good evening, Bookworms!

Been quite busy on Facebook this evening, doing my Chief Bookworm duties as admin of my book group, “I’d spend all day in Waterstone’s if I could get away with it!” better known as the Waterstone’s group. There have been two major items of book news I have needed to impart to my group members, firstly concerning next year’s World Book Night on 23rd April 2012, and secondly concerning the announcement of the Man Booker Prize Longlist for this year.

Firstly, World Book Night, and the official website has, for this week, decided to show the current state of affairs by showing the current top 100 books in order of popularity, so we have a glimpse of how things are shaping up and which books are getting the most votes at the moment. Absolutely chuffed to bits to discover that The Book Thief is currently in 4th place with a very healthy 230 votes. I read this book 3 years ago after several of my Facebook friends, particularly Lizzie Harvey and Andrew Bennett, recommended it to me and said it was a “must read” book. It was a book I’d picked up and looked at several times before I bought it and read it. Once I’d finished it, I joined the list of those wishing to spread the word as to what a fantastic book it is and how everyone should read it! If it ends up in the Top 25 and I end up as a Book Giver next April, you may be in with a shout of getting a free copy from yours truly! Yes, unlike Liesel in the novel,  you won’t even have to nick it as it could be all yours for the grand sum of absolutely nought pounds and nought pence! Just try and make sure you’re in my neck of the woods come 23rd April next year, possibly at the Trafford Centre, and you increase your chances of getting a free copy of The Book Thief from the Birthday Bookworm!

The other major piece of book news, today, was the announcement of the Man Booker Prize longlist. I know… I can’t believe it’s time for this year’s longlist as it doesn’t even feel that long ago since The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson was announced as last year’s winner!

This year’s list includes a book I quite fancy and which I have acquired with the intent of reading, that book being Pigeon English by Stephen Kelman, a book which very nearly didn’t get published. Bloomsbury eventually took a chance on it and the book went to print and made its appearances in book shops. And now it has made an appearance on the longlist for one of the most prestigious prizes in literature! There is still some way to go yet, though. The longlist of 13 is narrowed down to a shortlist of 6 on 6th September, a list from which the winner will be announced on 18th October.  In the meantime, I think I shall suggest Pigeon English as a possiblity for our next book at my book club meeting on 23rd August, once we’ve finished discussing Tamar by Mal Peet.

Yes, I know, bookworms, I really need to get on with Tamar in the next four weeks, although I’m currently engrossed in Scar Tissue, the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers! My excuse being that I am hoping to get tickets to see RHCP at the MEN Arena in November!

I am also trying to get my Facebook group to supply nominations for a new 100 Books list, an alternative to that one the BBC did some time ago now and which has done the rounds on Facebook for the past few years, certainly since I joined in August 2007. One of those “How many of these have you read?” sort of things…. You probably know the list too! The one that has The Complete Works of Shakespeare as one entry, but then also lists Hamlet as an individual item! Apologies for this particular blog entry being a little disjointed, but, as tonight’s blog title says, I have been a busy bookworm this evening and have been busy dealing with Facebook notifications on my book group, and trying to sort out which Charles Dickens novels, amongst other books, featured on the original BBC list… Since Facebook updated groups, they have introduced this “document” feature. Only thing is, in the finest traditions of Facebook, it doesn’t work! I have registered my complaint with the FB bods, but, as yet, the document problem is yet to be rectified. What I had intended to do was to provide group members with the original BBC list in this document so they could refer to it without asking me all the time. However, you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and FB group admins….

Until next time, when I hope to be rather less preoccupied and disjointed, I shall take my leave from this blog for tonight! Take care and Happy Reading!

Books mentioned in this blog:

  • The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
  • The Finkler Question – Howard Jacobson
  • Pigeon English – Stephen Kelman
  • Tamar – Mal Peet
  • Scar Tissue – Anthony Kiedis
  • Hamlet – William Shakespeare


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2 responses to “The Busy Bookworm: World Book Night 2012 part 2 & the Booker Prize longlist…

  1. It’s funny how you get the urge to convert people to books you love isn’t it? I’m always doing that, especially with my family. Did you give away any books for world book night this year?

    • Unfortunately no, I didn’t give away any books at this year’s World Book Night, but I am certainly up for doing so next year!

      I am a fiend for a spot of book evangelism if I see a copy of a book I’ve read and really loved! I’ve done it to unwitting staff & customers in book stores and charity shops…. “Ooh, I’ve read this one and absolutely loved it!” “Have you ever read [insert name of book}? You really should! It’s brilliant!”, etc…

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