I Love It When A Book Comes Together….

Gorgeous... Inside And Out

Home Visit From The Author!

Good evening, Bookworms!  I very nearly titled this post Happy Endings or “And They All Lived Happily Ever After” as a long-running book-related saga has finally come to a happy conclusion! If any of you are regular readers of this blog, you may well know by now that some months ago now, towards the end of 2010, I pre-ordered a self-help book that my Facebook and Twitter friend Helen Adams was writing. To cut a long story short (as Spandau Ballet once sang), Helen had more than a spot of bother with getting her book published and at times on this blog I lamented the length of time which had elapsed since I pre-ordered this book and expressed my concerns about the chances of this book ever existing. Anyway, in recent months Helen DID manage to find a reliable publisher and “Gorgeous… Inside And Out” has finally been published! Not only that, but I came home from work today to find the author herself at my house to present me with my signed copy of her book in person! It’s not every day that happens, is it?!

As I mentioned before, the book is a self-help book, so that’s where you should be able to find it should you wish to acquire a copy yourself. The ISBN for the book is 978-1-461113362 but if you are having trouble acquiring a copy, get in touch with Helen at manchestercoachingacademy@gmail.com as you should be able to get a copy from the MCA website. Helen is due to be interviewed on BBC Radio Manchester shortly, so if you’re in mine and Helen’s neck of the woods, keep an eye and an ear out for media appearances and possible book signings!

I’ve not forgotten about my World Book Night blogs, and I will return to the WBN theme and my Top 10 shortlist soon, with more blogging about why I like the books I like, but at the moment, there are more immediate literary mentions to be made, so I’m sure you won’t mind taking a slight diversion from WBN, for mention of a couple of other books. It has been a very book-related week for me, culminating, tonight, in receiving a signed copy of Gorgeous from my friend now she’s a published author (see above), but there are a couple of other books to be mentioned in this blog. Firstly “One Day” by David Nicholls, which I read recently and finished earlier this week. Really enjoyed it and will be quite interested to see what the film is like, as the film version goes on release at cinemas next month. Books are always better than films, though!

Getting your hands on a book is always good. Even better if it’s cheap. Even better still if it’s FREE! Imagine my delight yesterday when I was having lunch at the Barbakan Deli in Chorlton and found a free book! “How To Leave Twitter” by Grace Dent was lying there on a counter, with a sticker inside explaining that this was a free copy and that I could also email a code and be in with a shout of winning a Kindle pre-loaded with the Guardian’s selection of summer reads. The book is hilarious, so many thanks to @gracedent although I have no intention of leaving Twitter whatsoever – what else would I do to occupy my hour-long bus rides to work and back if I didn’t tweet?! Well, ok, that is a bit of a rhetorical question as sometimes I read books, and I almost always listen to music, but I do find a damn good tweeting session certainly helps pass the time while I travel on the 22 bus from Monton to Chorlton or back again.

I’m @joannedj if you want to follow my tweets. I tweet about all sorts of stuff, including books. I get a bit heated and may tweet some pretty arsey tweets when there’s football on, particularly if I’m at Old Trafford at the time and urging my team to get a grip, and I am known to tweet some pretty snarky stuff about opponents and referees so if you support a club other than Manchester United, you may wish to temporarily unfollow during matches, and follow again later when the coast is clear and I’ve calmed down a bit! I completely understand! I also get a bit snarky towards politicians. I don’t particularly like ANY of them and think they’re all selfish bastards who are in it for themselves and don’t give two shiny shites about the rest of us, but I particularly dislike the right wing of the political spectrum and think their ideologies are just utterly vile and heartless. I especially hate the extreme right, but judging by their “Sport Are Troops” banners and the likes, the average BNP or EDL piece of pondscum has immense difficulty getting to grips with the English language and even at 140 characters or less, my tweets would be way too difficult for those thick fascist plebs to comprehend!

Better finish shortly. Will be busy this weekend as it’s my baby niece’s first birthday tomorrow so I guess I may have to do the Auntie Bookworm thing and read some suitable books to Charlotte! Can’t believe it’s a year since I became an auntie – hasn’t time flown?! Til next time, take care and Happy Reading! 😀

Books mentioned in this blog…

  • Gorgeous… Inside And Out – Helen Adams
  • One Day – David Nicholls
  • How To Leave Twitter – Grace Dent


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2 responses to “I Love It When A Book Comes Together….

  1. What a nice site Joanne, lovely to see an author getting support and publicity from real people. Helen is one of my Facebook friends too. I’d love to send you a free ebook copy of my new book if you’d be interested in reviewing it?

    Either way, I enjoyed your post thank you 🙂 Amanda

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