On The (Book) Case…

Just as a brief follow-up to yesterday’s blog, and in fairness to my friend, I am hoping that her recent lack of online actvity on Facebook is a sign that she is taking my advice to heart and chasing up any third parties who are dawdling and thus delaying the book’s publication! Just as those of us who have pre-ordered this book are her customers, she is a customer to a publisher and also to a distributor, so if they are letting her down, they need to pull their fingers out and get a move on so that she’s happy and we’re all happy.

So, if there’s a publishing house and/or a distributor’s who are dealing with a book called “Gorgeous… Inside And Out” by a lady called Helen Adams, could they please get a shift on and get this book out into the big wide world?! Ta very much!

I do have a sample chapter which Helen sent me ages ago, but I would rather like the entire book, in which I am mentioned (at least by first name) and towards which I have assisted in the design of a potential front cover, and I had hoped I would have had it by now, but someone in the book-creating process is not being gorgeous towards us and needs to start being so rather sharpish!

Once again, apologies to other regular readers (if indeed I have any), but this book-related matter needed to be blogged. Blogs regarding already-published books will resume shortly!


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