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On The (Book) Case…

Just as a brief follow-up to yesterday’s blog, and in fairness to my friend, I am hoping that her recent lack of online actvity on Facebook is a sign that she is taking my advice to heart and chasing up any third parties who are dawdling and thus delaying the book’s publication! Just as those of us who have pre-ordered this book are her customers, she is a customer to a publisher and also to a distributor, so if they are letting her down, they need to pull their fingers out and get a move on so that she’s happy and we’re all happy.

So, if there’s a publishing house and/or a distributor’s who are dealing with a book called “Gorgeous… Inside And Out” by a lady called Helen Adams, could they please get a shift on and get this book out into the big wide world?! Ta very much!

I do have a sample chapter which Helen sent me ages ago, but I would rather like the entire book, in which I am mentioned (at least by first name) and towards which I have assisted in the design of a potential front cover, and I had hoped I would have had it by now, but someone in the book-creating process is not being gorgeous towards us and needs to start being so rather sharpish!

Once again, apologies to other regular readers (if indeed I have any), but this book-related matter needed to be blogged. Blogs regarding already-published books will resume shortly!


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Reading In The Dark

Hello, Bookworms! I have returned! I was originally planning to blog a few nights ago on a few matters of a book-related nature, but I’ve got fresh concerns. I actually did read during last night’s Earth Hour, a little of Lady Chatterley’s Lover on my eReader, although that needed juicing up, so I switched to reading Boxer Beetle on my BlackBerry as I have the wonderful Kobo ebook application on my phone!

It is not, however, actual darkness that I wish to blog about. More a case of metaphorical darkness and being kept in it by someone from whom I pre-ordered a book quite a while ago now. Normally, if I’m pre-ordering a book, it is usually from the likes of Waterstone’s and I know when the book is being published and thus when to expect the tome to be delivered, or at least when the postman will attempt to deliver but I’ll be at work and I will have to pick it up from Eccles post office, but I digress…. I can’t even remember when I pre-ordered this self-help book from a “friend” but it is a good few months ago now.

It is NOT that I have not received it yet that is the big issue here, but it is the total lack of communication from the person concerned as to the state of play with this book. I have no idea if she’s even finished writing the said tome, let alone whether it’s been published or sent for delivery. I appreciate that there are stages to getting a book published and that the author may have some difficulties with third parties when it comes to getting their book out there to be read, but if this is the case, is it not good manners and good customer service to let people know that there are currently some difficulties but that the book they ordered will be with them as soon as possible?!

I find the lack of communication to reflect VERY BADLY on the part of this person! I have been TRYING to have a word, privately, via her FB inbox, to suggest that she ought to communicate to her customers, but I have had no reply to that. The only thing I have received was a link to her blog the other day, cheekily still trying to get people to pre-order this as yet non-existent book! I tried to comment to the extent that I’d already pre-ordered the said book and would like to know when I might expect it, but I got an error message. Ok, that’s a technology issue, not this person’s fault, but it does add to the feeling that she’s not being fair to those of us who have already ordered this book. In a way, it’s a pity it’s not been done via something like eBay, so that I could at least shame this person with some seriously negative feedback for non-delivery of goods paid for!

I HATE being kept in the dark! I have enough issues with lack of communication from the head honchos of the company I work for, and that does my head in as it is!  If there are problems with publishing or distribution, it is only fair to keep people in the loop, particularly when they’ve already shelled out for this book! It is also in the author’s best interests, unless she actually WANTS people to think badly of her and suspect her of being a con artist, a thought which, I have to admit, has crossed my mind recently! So I hope the author of this book-to-be reads this and gets her act together pretty damn sharpish. I don’t want to fall out or think someone’s conned me, but the lack of communication from this person disappoints me enormously, particularly given my input into the potential publication! Let this blog serve as a little reminder!

Apologies to any other readers, but I had to get that off my chest, and the usual book blogs will return shortly. Not sure how soon, but probably before this book from my “friend” materialises…. if, indeed, it ever does….

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