So Many Books, So Little Time…

Good evening, bookworms! A warm welcome back to Joanne’s weird and wonderful (but mostly weird, lol) blog on all things book-related, plus the usual waffle about a few other things. Football and music, mostly. Anyway, where has 2010 gone?! We’re now on 21st October, wishing a happy birthday to United’s Serbian hardman and captain, Nemanja Vidic, and I have only 9 books to go to complete the 50 Book Challenge again this year, having finished Life’s Too Short, a collection of short stories about the world of work compiled by Val McDermid. Quite enjoyed it actually. It’s one of the Quick Reads short books. I know they’re meant to get people reading who otherwise probably wouldn’t, but there’s no reason why an established hardcore bookworm can’t also enjoy these books!

 Started a bit of Your Presence Is Requested at Suvanto, although I’ve got until 23rd November to get that one read and I do have another book I need to get read fairly quickly for reasons of other members of the family wanting to read it after me. No, not the Giggs book – I’ve already read that one and it’s currently my mum’s turn – but it’s a book by a young lady we know. The Gift And The Curse by Sarah Shivnan is set in Thailand and based on the author’s own knowledge and experiences in that country where she lived and worked for several years. It’s fictional but with bold print factual information from Sarah about the life and culture of Thailand. Pretty eye-opening stuff with some comical moments but also some shocking stuff too. Her family and mine have been friends for years now as one of their sons used to do trampolining at the same club as my sister. It’s a small world, as they say, but I wouldn’t like to have to paint it! Actually, for such a small world, it has a pretty big library! Perhaps it’s like the Tardis in Doctor Who and only looks small but is much bigger inside?!

 After my bookclub meeting last week, I went looking in the children’s section at Waterstone’s for potential festive reading material to buy my baby niece for her first Christmas. As I am now a responsible auntie, it is my job to help Charlotte to grow up to be a bookworm! My sister has already taken her daughter to mums and babies events at the local library, and I have already bought her some books, as you’d probably figured long before now! Do I really need to say that I bought her a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle or is that a given bearing in mind it’s such a classic children’s book?! I have also bought her the little Very Hungry Caterpillar Buggy Book for her pram! She will be five months old at Christmas so I have to bear that in mind with whatever I buy for her.

 Books mentioned

  • Life’s Too Short – Val McDermid (ed)
  • Your Presence Is Requested At Suvanto – Maile Chapman
  • The Gift And The Curse – Sarah Shivnan
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar Buggy Book – Eric Carle

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  1. I absolutely LURVE that caterpillar book! My mum bought it for Julian, by the time he was 3 he could read it all! That shows how good it was.

    The books where you press buttons and they make different noises are good too! also the cloth books and the bath books, if they’re still around. Reading to a baby and sharing books with them is one of the greatest pleasures of all.

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