Bookblog 18th August 2010 – A World Of Books

Bookblog 18th August 2010.


And a warm welcome back to Joanne’s Bookworld, this mad and very random blog on anything book-related that springs to my mind. Reading further through “Howards End Is On The Landing” by Susan Hill, the author mentions more about writing in books, citing various dedications in books given as presents and the act of writing one’s name and address in a book, even to the ludicrous extremes of adding England, Great Britain, Europe, Northern Hemisphere, The World, The Solar System, The Universe, Outer Space, and asks if any children still do that, believing that they should! Good! I did as a child! There have been at least a few books, particularly my old atlas if I remember rightly, where I went to such lengths with my address! Actually, that atlas became especially personalised by yours truly during my teens, adding names and locations of my penpals on certain pages! I still write my name and address in books, actually, although these days I tend to stop at England, rather than adding the rest of my island, continent, planet and other details!


I really need to get the rest of “This Bleeding City” finished off as there’s now just under two weeks until my next book group meeting. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s not that bad. It’s just a bit too large, physically, for putting in my bag. I wouldn’t actually mind if the book was chunkier if it were actually smaller!  It’s 9 inches by 6! Compare that to 7 and a bit inches by 5 for the Susan Hill book! The other thing is that it’s about people I would call yuppies. The one time I did fancy being one myself was when I was about 14 and liked the idea of actually having money as opposed to being a skint teenager at high school! Also, it was certain things they had that I fancied – mostly the compact discs, the Filofaxes and the Trivial Pursuit! You can tell I grew up in the 1980s, can’t you?!


Mind you, that was back in 1987 and before the end of that year, by which time the financial excrement had well and truly hit the fan and we’d entered the late 80s and early 90s recession. Also, I know hardly much more about economics and the Stock Market as a 37 year old than I did back then as a 14 year old schoolgirl, and I’d better stick to things I do know about, like books, and just keep hoping for that lottery win!


I’m still on a “books about books” bent, so I’m looking for another book-related book for when I’ve finished “Howards End Is On The Landing”. Examining some of the books near my laptop, I clap eyes on “Firmin” by Sam Savage, which is a distinct possibility, plus “The Bookshop” by Penelope Fitzgerald. That’s also quite a slim book too, which also goes in its favour. There’s “People Of The Book” by Geraldine Brooks, which is a possibility, or I could return to “A Tale Of Love And Darkness”, the autobiography of Amos Oz.


Perhaps, next year, I should read books I’ve already got in. Obviously, I would have to make an exception for the books needed for my Waterstone’s bookclub, but other than that, I need to get some more of these read, just as Susan Hill’s deciding to read from home in her book. Perhaps, also, there should be another theme, such as Around The World In 80 Books, or something like that, with each book set in a different country or about a different country if it’s non-fiction, thus meaning I could read “Down Under” by Bill Bryson for Australia’s book. I could even get on with “War And Peace” for Russia’s entry on the world book tour! Actually, I might be tempted to save the Amos Oz for the World Book Tour so that his book could be Israel’s literary representative.


I may need the help of anyone kind enough to read my blogs and respond to them and, occasionally, may offer up a selection of choices for a certain country if I’m having trouble deciding, and also read any of your recommendations. I’m not saying which books right now, but I have certain books in mind for some countries already on this Around The World In Eighty Books project. I’m thinking perhaps Roddy Doyle’s Barrytown Trilogy for Ireland. We’ll see, anyway, when I get round to starting this world tour of reading matter (fiction and non-fiction) in 2011…


In the meantime, I’m off to get a bit more reading done on the Susan Hill and Alex Preston books, and am still weighing up my next book for when I’ve finished Howards End Is On The Landing. Possibly Firmin by Sam Savage.


Books mentioned:

Howards End Is On The Landing – Susan Hill

This Bleeding City – Alex Preston

Firmin – Sam Savage

The Bookshop – Penelope Fitzgerald

People Of The Book – Geraldine Brooks

A Tale Of Love And Darkness – Amos Ozn  

Down Under – Bill Bryson

War And Peace – Leo Tolstoy

The Barrytown Trilogy – Roddy Doyle


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